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The New FMCSA Regulation is effective as of January 1, 2014. Don’t get caught up with friendly neighborhood DMV. You will need the revised DL51 2014 form and certificate when you visit your doctor. Download and take it to your doctor if he/she doesn’t have them furnished. Avoid visiting DMV twice or more.



DOT Medical Examination

2. DOT Medical Certificate


List of Services


Free Health Services

Free Health-Care programs for Men and Women vital to maintaining healthy sexuality. The program also covers the Birth Control Methods, Counseling and Pregnancy Testing for Women and Teens. Women’s Annual Examination covers PAP Smear, Annual Breast Examination and STD Screening and Treatments.


We hope you find the information you need here on our website. Our providers are here to answer your questions if you need to talk to someone with medical knowledge. Email or call the number found on our website to talk to one of our providers. If the line is busy or you’re not able to reach us, well we are probably helping other patients but as soon as we are done helping others, we will get back to you in matter of minutes.


January is BACK TO SCHOOL Month


Are kids ready to go back to school?


Your Pediatrician might be overbooked and might not be able to see your young ones on time. Well it can happen but don’t panic we can help you and your child to get enrolled or get him/her back in school on time. Visit us it’ll be done the same day.


It’s 2014, are you determined to bring changes to your life? Thinking about switching to a new career ? getting that degree you’ve been thinking about for sometime? Perhaps one of the stubborn family member finally agrees to get the health check-up he/she needed for months or years? We want your Resolutions to start with a good kickoff.


Finding a physician or a clinic for getting a physical examination isn’t easy. If you have a primary care physician you have an advantage. However, without given this option you are on your own. Remember, things to be considered are often substantial perhaps overwhelming. Among the list of documents, most unfamiliar if not intimidating are the medical documents, partly for it’s complex nature but mostly due to discomfort of going through examination process and gathering of requested documents.


You need a solution…..


We have track record of examining thousands of employees and students over the years. Our providers are physicians certified and registered with occupational health organizations. Our experience will put your mind at rest and have you focus on priorities in life.



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