DOT Physical Speical $30

Grand Opening Special $30 DOT Medical Examination

DOT Medical Examination


Grand Opening Special 

For limited time we are offering DOT medical examination for $30

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Update: DOT FMCSA Regulation became effective As of January 1, 2014.

Revised 2o14 medical form and certificate is available through the link below.


Medical Form and Medical Card

a. Medical Form: DL51  

b. Medical Card : DL51A     

c. Medical Form: DL546A

d. Medical Form: DL546


A. Benefits and Convenience

1. Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 6:00pm  Saturday: 10Am – 3PM

2. Same day Certification

3. No Appointment Needed

4. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Certified

5. DOT Regulated and Non DOT Regulated Urine Collection 

6. Yes ! a HUGE and Free Parking Lot is available for all vehicle types and sizes in the rear.


B. Our Guarantee

1. NO charge for service fee if you don’t qualify for Medical Certificate.

2. Medical providers will work closely with patients to remediate medical conditions.

2. Our DOT physical examination meets all DOT requirements.

4. Have an in-depth understanding of the federal regulations


C. Group Discounts 

1. $10 Off per person with 3 or more physicals 

2. $15 Off  per person with 5 or more physicals

3. $20 off per person with 10 or more combined physicals


D. For Employers 

1. Employers and drivers can benefit drivers twofolds through Occupational Health Services.

2. Services are tailored to the needs of employers and employees of trucking industry.

3. Occupational Medicine service combined with rehab and full scope medical service.

4. Special Discounts on other services offered at the Clinic.

5. Examination at Client’s Establishment with Same day Certification.

6. DMV Documentation Handling Services.


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